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Financial education for everyone

A financial learning program through games and experience

 Our program

Our school-based educational program is designed to improve financial literacy among students aged 10-16 through the use of digital games. The students are immersed in realistic financial scenarios, allowing them to experience the consequences of their decisions. By providing a hands-on, interactive learning experience, we aim to engage and educate students in a way that is both fun and meaningful.

How does it work?

Digital Game

The students enter a fun open world where they will manage a budget, compare prices, work and open businesses, take loans or save money, and much more…

The lesson

The game is accompanied by complete lesson plans and presentations which connect the experience from the game to real-life. Each lesson is taught by a school teacher, or an instructor provided by us.

 Want to know more?

Why games?

Research has shown that hands-on, experiential learning, such as through play or games is the best way to change behaviors, particularly when it comes to financial education. Games are particularly well-suited for this purpose because they provide an intuitive and engaging medium for students to learn through active experimentation. In a game setting, students can progress at their own pace, trying and learning from their mistakes without fear of failure.

Why Financial Literacy?

We provide students with financial understanding from an early age, so they could make informed decisions about their money, prepare for the future, develop important life skills, and avoid financial pitfalls. This will help them become financially responsible and independent adults.

Our Activity


Game Sessions


Understanding Retention

Students’ Experience

The game teaches me how to manage a budget, think ahead, and plan my next moves carefully.

9th Grade Student

The game is very fun, you can advise each other and make decisions together, and also compete.

8th Grade Student

Playing the game is just like how you need to manage real life. It teaches you how to be a businessman.

8th Grade Student

I saw my students in a new perspective. I’ve discovered new parts of them I did not know before.

7th Grade Teacher

Our Vision

We believe that learning through games is a must in modern educational institutes, and we aim on providing amazingly fun games to teach complex subjects.

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