Game-Changing Financial Education

An immersive game based learning experience designed to empower K12 students

The Solution

Revolutionizing financial literacy among students aged 10-16 through a dedicated interactive video game. By immersing students in realistic financial scenarios, they gain practical knowledge and learn the consequences of their decisions firsthand.
Our school-based program engages students by providing a hands-on, interactive learning experience in a way that is both fun and impactful. 

The Program

Our program seamlessly integrates an engaging game-based learning experience with comprehensive lesson plans to effectively teach financial literacy.

The Video Game

Immerse students in an engaging open world where they manage budgets, compare prices, and make financial decisions. Our game offers an interactive and enjoyable player experience, keeping students motivated and engaged.

The Lesson

Our comprehensive lesson plans provide teachers with a structured framework to connect the game experience to real-life situations. Supported by presentations and a web-based dashboard, teachers can seamlessly and effectively deliver the curriculum content.

 Want To Play?

Why Games?

Hands-on, experiential learning, such as through play or games is highly effective in influencing behaviors[1], especially in the context of financial education. Games offer an intuitive and engaging medium that allows students to learn through active experimentation. By immersing themselves in a game setting, students can progress at their own pace, learn from their mistakes without fear of failure, and effectively develop their understanding of financial concepts and skills.

game screen
game screen
In-game level map
game screen

Why Financial Literacy?

Worldwide, only one-third of adults[2] understand basic financial concepts. Early education is crucial for securing students’ financial future. Our program provides students with vital financial understanding from a young age, enabling informed decision-making, life skill development, future preparation, and avoidance of financial pitfalls. We empower students to become financially responsible and independent adults. 

photo from class activity
photo from class activity
photo from class activity
Ziggy peeking
Ouro peeking

Our Activity


Game Sessions


Knowledge Retention

Students’ Experience

The game teaches me how to manage a budget, think ahead, and plan my next moves carefully.

9th Grade Student

The game is very fun, you can advise each other and make decisions together, and also compete.

8th Grade Student

Playing the game is just like how you need to manage real life. It teaches you how to be a businessman.

8th Grade Student

I saw my students in a new perspective. I’ve discovered new parts of them I did not know before.

7th Grade Teacher

Our Vision

We believe that learning through games is a must in modern educational institutes, and we aim on providing amazingly fun games to teach complex subjects.

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