Financial literacy for children!


The young generation is re-designing the financial world.
The consuming world is wide open to them – and they shop, mainly on-line, even unnecessary stuff.
However, children don’t have financial knowledge, not even basic skills.
This is why we HAVE TO teach them, so they will be able to take charge of their own financial future!

Games teaching financial literacy and life skills

Children play games, solve many financial situations, learn and understand the consequences of their decisions 

Digital game – 

Open world where children have to manage budgets, apply for jobs, run their own business, open savings accounts, take loans, invest in stocks, and more…


Workshops – 

Fun and engaging sessions with a unique board game where children get expose and experience to the financial world. Suitable for in-person and virtual sessions

why games?

Games create fun and challenging experience through experimental learning!
Studies suggest the experimental learning leads to long-term implementation and behavioral change

For the children

Experiment with the finance world through fun and engaging learning method


For the teachers

Easy tool to teach financial literacy, even with no previous knowledge


For the parents

Get involved in the learning process and create home-economic discussion

What students say about us

"The game teaches me how to manage a budget and calculate my next steps"
9th grade student
"The game is really fun! we make decisions together and also compete each other"
8th grade student
"Playing the game is just like you should act in the real life. It can make you a businessman"
8th grade student
"I got a new perspective about my students and found new abilities that I didn't notice before"
Junior High teacher

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