Gamifies your classroom

"We should be walking students up to what they have inside themselves..."

~Sir Ken Robinson


A gaming platform for the entire class, 
where students get in-game rewards for educational assignments!
By playing the game, students acquire a set of skills for the 21st century, 
like financial planning, leadership, sustainability and more. 
All of those give student strong incentive to perform better in class.

Kids love playing games!
Gamified environment makes school fun. Gamified lessons encourage students to take part in school activities, learn more and perform better all around.

School does not provide sufficient environment for students to acquire important life skills. 
Financial planning, leadership, entrepreneurship, negotiation are necessity in our dynamic world.

For the Student

Groups of students build their city and develop it by obtaining and creating resources. Each group is an expert in creating one resource. The group has to trade and negotiate with other groups to get more resources, earn rewards and progress.

For the Teacher

ZBENKO also helps teachers and principals. It allows the teaching staff to get an overview of the entire class, see stronger and weaker points of each student, track student’s performance over time and create semester reports more efficiently.

For All

ZBENKO game platform is subject-independent. It goes along with the curriculum, encourages collaboration between students, and enables various life skills experiences. Using the platform creates a powerful school-student-teacher engagement.

What students say about our board game

"The game teaches me how to manage a budget and calculate my next steps"
9th grade student
"The game is really fun! we make decisions together and also compete each other"
8th grade student
"Playing the game is just like you should act in the real life. It can make you a real businessman"
8th grade student
"I got a new perspective about some of my students and found new abilities that I didn't notice before"
Junior High teacher
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skills and knowledge learned by playing stay forever!

Hadar Ben Zur

Co-Founder & CEO

Gal Zamir


Hi! We are a team of professionals with background in education, teaching and game design.
We are determined to create an environment for school kids that cultivates creativity.
We believe that games make school experience fun and flexible. Playing allows students to find and nurture their own natural talents and acknowledges multiple types of intelligence.
This is what drives us in developing ZBENKO platform.
Let’s bring change! Play the game!

> Hadar and Gal